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TEAM Declutter Academy
(Tidy, Empower, Action, Maintain)

The supportive, step-by-step decluttering program that meets you where you are, without shame or judgment.

Inside TEAM Declutter Academy you’ll learn not only how and where to start decluttering, but also the key habit changes you need to maintain your newly organized space once and for all—so you stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered. 

Before I tell you about this transformational program, let's talk about who this is for...

You want to learn how to declutter without feeling overwhelmed and definitely without the side of guilt that comes with letting go of items you don't want. You desperately need  practical, functional organizing solutions that are easy for everyone in your family to maintain.

TEAM Declutter Academy is for you if...

  • You’ve decluttered before but felt defeated when it just went right back to its cluttered state.

  • You feel paralyzed by indecision when it comes to certain categories of items and need guidance on how to let go. 

  • You’ve held onto items you don’t want because you weren’t sure of the best place to donate or recycle them.

  • You desire to have an organized home that is functional, but feel overwhelmed by the mental load of being the only one in your family that seems bothered by it. 

  • You want to learn practical habits that help keep you and your family prevent clutter from piling up again. 


Define what “clutter” means to you 

The truth is that this is different for every individual. I’ll teach you to define, on your terms, what clutter is to you, so you can embrace that things that bring you joy and let go of the rest. 

Have decluttered and organized
5 specific spaces in your home

This is NOT a “Here's how you should do it” course,  this is a “Together let’s take action" course. I will be by your side every step of the way as you GET IT DONE! 

Grow in your confidence to let things go 

Learning what is truly important to you, and why, allows you to confidently let go of items that aren’t. 

Learn how to maintain the space you just decluttered  

Stop clutter before it starts by adopting quick weekly and monthly refresh habits to keep the clutter overwhelm from returning. 

Stop doing it all alone 

Learn ways to have your partner share the workload in shared areas. Discover skills you can teach your kids so they step up in an age appropriate way.

Have a strategy to tackle future spaces 

Understand how YOU live in your home, what method of decluttering works best for you, and how to put that process in place each time you tackle a new space.


Terri Brunjes

"Several areas of my house were so cluttered that I couldn’t even use them. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even know where to start. Tara not only worked alongside me to organize my problem areas, she taught me organization skills."

TEAM Declutter Academy Changes Lives
and is OPEN for Enrollment 





This is not a cookie cutter program.  I will work with you to customize your space just as I have done for almost 3 years working in homes with clients. 


"Tara is absolutely amazing. She helped me with my kitchen in our old house, then when we moved I was able to use what I learned with her to organize my new kitchen. My life is so much more put together and stress free because everything in our home has a place!

Lindsay Anderson


"Tara is an absolute life saver and so much fun to work with! Everything now has a place in our home" 

- Alaina Stokes


"Tara tackles an overwhelming project & breaks it into simple steps while making it fun. She is Mary Poppins with her bag of tricks and ideas, Martha Stewart with ingenious & creative ways to store & organize things, & Wonder Woman with her energy & focus. When Tara takes on a project, the result is fabulous! "

- Colleen Bellas

What's Inside TEAM Declutter Academy

junk drawer.jpg


Junk Drawer(s)

We all have a drawer in our house that you open and then rush to close again! In this module, I’m going to teach you how to get a handle on the drawer clutter so you can start using it as it was intended, instead of being the catch zone for your countertop pile up.


I’m going to make this easy, painless and maintainable.


Home Office 

Tired of trying to work around the mess in your office? I’ve got you covered! In this module we’re going to create an out of this world strategy that will make you fall in love with your home office again.

You’ll zero in on what your goal is for your home office and how to set it up to function for you. Get ready to say goodbye to outdated files, endless supply of pens and random household items that are taking up valuable real estate in your “command center.”



Implementation Week

During this week, you’re going to put everything you’ve learned into action with my support! You’ll be guided through your individual and customized plan to reclaim your space and feel in control of your home again.



Linen Closet/Hall Closet  & Under Sinks

Small spaces have a BIG impact on how your home functions, so we’re going to set you up for success in this module. Let’s get a handle on your closets and the mess that awaits you under your sink. 

Linens, kitchens, closets…let’s get you some quick, easy wins that will also keep your family motivated to help keep it that way.



Primary Closet

I’m saving the best for last! You deserve to feel amazing every time you open your closet to get dressed, so let’s make your space work for you. In this Module, we’re going to declutter, sell, consign and donate everything that doesn’t make you feel like the bomb dot com.

Zero shame or judgment…just all things fabulous in our final lesson together!


Implementation Week

During this week we will putting the final touches on the spaces you've conquered!  I've created space within this program so that you receive the attention and support that you deserve in a way that doesn't feel rushed!

You'll get access to...

4 Execution Modules

Your own private login to an online course portal with access to a new module each week.  Each module contains on-demand video instructions and tips which will be available to you for the duration of the course. 

Downloadable PDFs

Exclusive content created just for the members of the Academy will be added into the online portal in a format you can download and print OR save onto your camera roll and save as a favorite for quick access as you work through each space in your home. 

Once a week there will be a LIVE Q&A session where I’ll address your specific questions and challenges like, “But I don’t know what to do with X,”  and “How should I store Y?”  or anything else that has left you feeling “stuck.”  

Weekly Q&A

In order to provide you the accountability, encouragement, and support you need to succeed, you’ll have access to the exclusive Facebook Group for TEAM Declutter Academy Members only.   This is where the live trainings and Q&A sessions will take place.

Private Facebook

You'll be given access to one new module per week (except for your implementation weeks) - so that you have loads of time to dive into your lessons and execute your homework BEFORE moving on to the next space in your home. 

We do this to remove the overwhelm, protect your time and keep you focused on your end goal - creating a peaceful home you can easily maintain. 

Your TEAM Declutter Academy Coach

Since February of 2020, I have had the privilege of helping families reclaim their space. I KNOW firsthand how empowering it is, in particular for women, when they let go of the guilt and shame that has made them feel as if they had to keep something they never wanted to begin with.  Decluttering has always been the first priority when I work with my in-home clients and from there organizing what remains in a functional and affordable way!  You DO NOT need another "cute basket" to store what you aren't even using anyway. 

I created TEAM Declutter Academy as my way of coming to you and serving YOU virtually for six weeks.  I desperately want to help those who do not live within our service area and give them the same level of support and encouragement that I give to my in-home clients. 

I want to help you make hard decisions about what to keep and what to let go of without any shame or judgment.  I am also extremely passionate about teaching you how to set up systems so that you are NOT the one who is the "keeper of all the things", the "knower of where everything is".  

See you online soon,


floating tara.png

Enroll in TEAM Declutter Academy Today






Can I join TEAM Declutter Academy any time?

        Doors to join my signature online program open on September 20th and close on September 30th.                 Make sure to grab your seat before doors close!

When does it start?

We officially kick things off on October 10th​, so make sure to grab your seat while you can!

How long does it last?

TEAM Declutter Academy is a 6-week program where I will personally guide you through quick, high impact lessons to transform your small spaces into dream spaces.

Does access to the private Facebook group extend past the course completion dates?

The Facebook group will remain open two weeks after the completion of the course so you can continue to receive support from the other Academy members.  I will be active in the group for the first 6-weeks to ensure your decluttering success.


How much time does each online video module take?

We know how busy you are! That’s why each module has a 6-10 minute video that gives you a visual overview of where and how to start on that week's space.  Tara has taken her years of experience and transformed it into this program that will leave you feeling empowered, not overwhelmed!

Where do the live Q&As take place?

Inside our private student only Facebook Group.  Plus, you’ll also get access to all of the pre-recorded episodes in an online library designed exclusively for Academy students.

What if I miss the live in the Facebook Group?

I've got you covered! Replays will always be uploaded and available for you to catch on your own time.

What if my home doesn't have one of the main spaces you will be organizing in the Academy?

I will have you select a different but similar space in your home that is housing the same "type" of clutter we will be purging and organizing. For example, if you don't have a home office you could chose a spare bedroom or storage closet. 

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