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Where to Donate Military Memorabilia

Preserve your family member's history and honor all those who served by donating uniforms, memorabilia, documents and photos.

If you have been struggling with guilt around letting go of old military uniforms because you want to find the best way to honor your family member(s) who served, then this is for you.

military uniform side view

Local theaters are a great place to donate historical pieces and a great way to support your local arts. However, local historical societies/museums are also in need of military memorabilia as well.

On one of our most recent projects, our client's husband and father (both of whom have passed away) served in the military. Since both were native to Kentucky, the goal was for their uniforms to remain in Kentucky. Depending on where you live, you will want to give your state a quick google search if your goal is to also keep your items in state.

Maggie, one of our Associate Organizers, worked with Tish Boyer at Frazier History Museum, and after a short waiting time for board approval, they accepted the clothing of our client's father. Not only that, but Tish came and picked up the items and she also offered to have our client call her directly to set up a time for her and her family to visit the museum to see her father’s items on display.

In this case, not only did our client have the uniforms but also photos of her father in uniform, and his rank change papers and honorable discharge papers. Copies of these items will be sent with clothing for display.

military coat

Now these items, that used to be collecting dust in a basement, will be on display for others to learn from and connect with in a meaningful way. Along with the uniforms, most museums collect any other evidence of service (such as pictures, documents, letters from time of service, etc.) to help tell more of the story.

In this case, the first call was to The Filson Historical Society. They currently didn't need the items, however they refereed us to Fraizer Historical Museum. Be prepared to send photos of the items so that they can be reviewed by board members.

Sidenote: Sometimes locations already have plenty of items representing that time period, however, they typically can refer you to another organization you might not have thought of.

military uniform front view

If you are a fellow Kentuckian, you will find a few options below:

829 West Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 753-5663

1310 S. 3rd St.,

Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 635-5083

6614 Old Danville Road

Nicholasville, KY 40356

(859) 881-5716

Our team wants to help your sentimental items find the best home, and sometimes that means a home that isn't yours. We strive to do this with patience, grace and empathy. Helping get items to the right place is just one way our team goes above and beyond! You can find our FREE PDFs that list more resources like this HERE.

Local to central Kentucky and want us to come help you in your home? Learn more HERE.


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