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Ideas for a Simple, Versatile and Organized Kid's Craft Station

Kid's desks never have enough storage! Today I want to offer you an affordable and kid friendly solution that holds crafts now, and allows for flexibility when the organizing bins need to be repurposed.


Target Brightroom Cube 6

First: Grab a Cube Organizer

Using a cube organizer provides versatility, as this storage solution can be repurposed down the road for toy storage (I'll show you a quick peek of how we do this at the end) or as a book shelf. It could also be repurposed in an entry way for kids shoes or school supplies.

Target Brightroom Cube 6 vs 8

The Brightroom Cube Organizer is by far my favorite. It has a larger opening (13" each cubbie) than most and is incredibly easy to put together. To see how quickly we put it together check out this quick 20 second video! The 6 and 8 cube organizer are my two favorite sizes, however, they also come in a 2, 4, 9, and 16 cube option.

They are available in black, espresso, gray, natural and white. You can set them vertically or horizontally. For younger kids, I prefer to set them horizontally so that items are easier to access and put away.

You can find cube organizers at lots of retail shops: Walmart, Meijer and of course Amazon all have cube organizers. I stick with the Brightroom collection because I can easily get a variety of sizes locally and that collection also has organizing bins, such as the 13" Fabric Storage Bins, and Rope Baskets that come in a wide variety of colors. Consequently it is my go to cube storage when working with clients.

Second: Select the Organizing Bins

Brightroom All Purpose Storage Bins

Option 1: All Purpose Storage Bin

The All Purpose Storage Bins fit lovely inside of the cubes. In this example, I used the 12" x 6" x 4" size (referred to as the 1/2 bin) for smaller categories.

A great option for:

  • Kid that finds lids just one clean up step too far

  • Categories they are in a lot

  • When you want a choice of various styles

These do stack and I put the most used items on the top. You could easily get six of the 1/2 size bins into one section of the cube.

Side Note: They also make a 12" x 12" x 8" and a 12" x 12" x 8" with an open front. I personally prefer the ones with four high sides so items don't spill out if they get full.

Brightroom Modular Storage Boxes

Option 2: Modular Storage Box

The Brightroom Modular Storage Boxes are incredibly affordable! The small are $3, medium $4 and the large $5. Here I show the small and the medium Modular Storage Box.

A great option for:

  • Affordability

  • Stackability

  • Grab and go in the car

You can fit four smalls in a a slot, two mediums, OR one medium with two smalls.

These Modular Storage Boxes also come in gray tint and white.

Pro Tip: Stick with clear! If your kids can't see it they will be less likely to use it. EVEN with a label. Also go with the see through option!

Option 3: Fabric Bins

Brightroom 13" Fabric Bins

As stated above, for kids I love clear! However, if you are wondering how the fabric bins look with this cube storage here ya go!

A great option for:

  • YOUR home office

  • An older child

  • Someone who wants a clean look

These Brightroom 13" Fabric Bins also come in 15 different colors. The option shown here is the Blue Monochrome Floral

The label holders I used for the fabric bins can be found here!, and more info on the label maker I used to make all the labels in this blog post can be found HERE!

Bonus: Repurpose Later

One reason we use this cube system a lot is because it can be repurposed. Below is an example of how we used the same cube system with the Modular Storage Boxes for toys! Here we used the large Modular Storage Boxes on the bottom.

Brightroom 8 cube Storage System


Also, as you declutter, which should ALWAYS happen BEFORE you organize these items, if you have an excess of crafts check with the art teacher at your school. I bet they would LOVE to have a donation of craft supplies!

Then, after you declutter and as you are sorting and organizing, please take a hard look at what is age appropriate for your child. If they received a craft kit but aren't ready yet, please put it away for now because it will only cause frustration for you and your child. Want a little more on age appropriate crafts and some other decluttering with kids gems? Then check out this LIVE on my Facebook Page where I hosted Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT, Parenting Educator, Consultant & Founder of Raising Resilient Children. We talk about how the “overwhelm of choice” is leading to stress for you and your kids.

Want help determining which system would be the best for your small humans? Head here to work with us! In the mood for binge watching video tips and tricks? You can find those on our Instagram page HERE!


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