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In Home Services

Decluttering and organization services for Lexington and the Central Kentucky area.

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Declutter & Organize

This is the majority of our projects. Our organizers will work together with you to sort your existing clutter into categories (removing what you no longer need at the same time) then we organize what remains.


Because these projects typically require purchasing organizing supplies, our team can either supply a list for you, or we can do the shopping in advance.

Declutter Only

Sometimes you don't actually need to organize anything—you just need less stuff. Our declutter only services are perfect for garage, basement, preparing to sell your home, or even  helping an aging parent to downsize.

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Lexington Kentucky Home Organizer 4.jpeg

Declutter & Pack

If you are preparing to move, the worst thing you can do is pack up your clutter, move it to another house, and NOT use it there.


For our declutter & pack services, we work along side you during the moving process to help you decide what items it may be time to let go of, and what items join you in your next chapter. We also offer assistance in clearing out an aging or deceased relative's home.

Virtual Refresh

$80 | 1 Hour Consult

Not local to Central Kentucky, but in need of some professional organizing guidance? This one hour virtual "refresh" call takes place over FaceTime or Zoom where Tara will answer your questions and make custom recommendations for your space.

Contact us to schedule your virtual refresh!

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