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Kitchen Pantry Organization Solutions

If you are someone who loves the "look" of baskets in a pantry but can't figure out why that set up isn't working for you, THIS is your blog post! You can create a functional AND visually appealing space.


reach in pantry with baskets and clear containers

Admire the beauty of using baskets in a pantry but struggling to make it work for you?

Let's delve into the two primary challenges faced by our client with the baskets she tried to incorporate into her pantry. We will also showcase the products and kitchen pantry organization solutions that effectively tackled these common issues.

before and after kitchen pantry

The Problems

  • The current baskets being used were simply the wrong size for this pantry.

  • Despite her initial love for the basket aesthetic, she discovered that, for her family, using baskets led to an "out of sight, out of mind" scenario, with items stored in baskets often being forgotten.

She still adored the basket concept, but realized the importance of having clear visibility of pantry items to prevent waste.

The Solutions

  • We replaced the baskets with new ones in sizes that fit, not only the pantry depth correctly, BUT ONLY used them on a level that she can see into the basket.

  • Everything else was done in clear containers OR just left on the loose on the shelf.

  • We topped it all off with super clear, easy to read labels on EVERYTHING!

The Details

reach in pantry with baskets

What made this pantry unique was the variety of different measurements.

The three tops shelves were only 11" deep. For those shelves we used either clear canisters, clear containers that were no more than 10" deep or just sat items directly on the shelf. This allowed her to easily see what she had.

The main shelf was 16" which did allow for a larger basket, giving us space for those larger categories that tend to look less tidy when in a clear container.

The lower two shelves were only 14" which meant we needed to find several baskets that fit custom measurements. I was thrilled to find some on Amazon.

Pro Tip: Measure your pantry and list your priorities FIRST and THEN purchase what fits both the pantry and your families needs. Don't just purchase what is "cute" and hope it works.

Kitchen Pantry Organization Solutions

Clear Containers

The Home Edit line from Walmart is great for 10 - 11" deep shelves. The larger 10x10x6* is used here for items she's using for dinner and the narrow 10x5x6* are fantastic for drink mixes, snack bars, and spice mixes.

For the protein bars, we used divided containers from Amazon by Youngever*. They are 11 inches x 6 inches x 3.5 inches and comes in a 2 pack! My favorite magic trick however, was using our Nimbot* Label maker to make the protein bar label to MATCH the pre-made labels* we purchased off Amazon.


We used clear turntables * from Walmart by The Home Edit in the corners of this pantry as those are the harder to reach spaces. The low side on this spinner make it great for oils, baking and condiments.

Then for the grab and go snacks her son loves, we put those in a high wall dividied spinner* from iDesign. The divider is removable and adjustable.


We used my two favorite brand's canisters on this project. The ProKeepers 6-pack* from Progessive Kitchen is fantastic for baking items as each container has special features for the specific items they are designed to hold. For general foods I LOVE the budget friendly Flip-Tite* from Better Homes and Gardens found at Walmart.

Baskets and labels

The key to baskets is finding the right depth for your shelf AND getting ones with high enough sides to keep all larger items contained.

Since our client found that if she couldn't see into the basket she would forget what was inside, we ONLY put the baskets on lower shelves. For the larger categories we went with Water Hyacinth Milk Crate by Brightroom and found at Target measuring 11(h) x 13(w) x 14.25 (d). Then for the smaller shelves we used baskets from StorageWorks* found on Amazon. These baskets come in a two pack and measure 7(h) x 8.24 (w) x 13 (d).

Finally we completed the look with black clip on label holders* and this budget friendly 300-pack of pantry labels*.


Although baskets may appear aesthetically pleasing, they might not be practical for many households. For most individuals, items tend to be forgotten if they are not visible. Even with labels, it's easy to forget the specific contents when categorizing broadly. If this resonates with you and you still adore the appearance, consider placing them on lower shelves for direct visibility.

You can combine two different styles of containers. There are no rules!

before and after pantry with baskets and containers

Take aways to help you declutter:

I challenge you today to take a second look at your pantry. What are you storing in there that no longer serves you? What items did you use to entertain with that you no longer use? What snacks or foods did you try but don't LOVE?

Did you try to copy a system that just isn't working for your family?

Ready to tackle your kitchen?

We would be honored to be invited into your home to work our magic so you can start to enjoy your kitchen again! Head HERE to fill out the Contact Us form to get the ball rolling with a free phone consultation to see how we can help you reclaim your home!


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