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In Home Services

Declutter Only

Sometimes you don't need to organize anything, you just need less stuff.  This is perfect for garage, basement, preparing to sell your home, or helping an aging parent downsize.

Declutter & Organize

This is the majority of my projects. I come in and we work together to sort into categories, removing what you no longer need at the same time, then we organize what remains.  This typically requires purchasing organizing supplies - I can either supply a list for you or I can do the shopping in advance.

Declutter & Pack

If you are preparing to move, do not pack what you don't use just to move it to another house and NOT use it there.  We can come along side you to help you decide what it is time to let go of and what gets to head into the new home with you.   We also offer assistance in clearing out an aging or deceased parent’s home

Virtual Refresh

$75 for a one hour zoom or FaceTime call to answer any questions and go over new product ideas. Email us here for more info!

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