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TEAM Declutter Academy
(Tidy, Empower, Action, Maintain)

The supportive, step-by-step decluttering program that meets you where you are, without shame or judgment.

Inside TEAM Declutter Academy you’ll learn not only how and where to start decluttering but also the key habit changes you need to maintain your newly organized space once and for all—so you stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered. 


Define what “clutter” means to you 

The truth is that this is different for every individual. I’ll teach you to define, on your terms, what clutter is to you so you can embrace the things that bring you joy and let the rest go.

Have decluttered and organized five specific spaces in your home

This is NOT a “here’s how you should do it” course,  this is a “together let’s take action" course. I will be by your side every step of the way as you GET IT DONE! 

Grow in your confidence to let things go 

Learning what is truly important to you, and why, allows you to confidently let go of items that aren’t. 

Learn how to maintain the space you just decluttered  

Stop clutter before it starts by adopting quick weekly and monthly refresh habits to keep the clutter overwhelm from returning. 

Stop doing it all alone 

Learn ways to have your partner share the workload in shared areas. Discover skills you can teach your kids so they step up in an age appropriate way.

Have a strategy to tackle future spaces 

Understand how YOU live in your home, what method of decluttering works best for you, and how to put that process in place each time you tackle a new space.

TEAM Declutter Academy is for you if…

  • You’ve decluttered before but felt defeated when it just went right back to its cluttered state.

  • You feel paralyzed by indecision when it comes to certain categories of items and need guidance on how to let go. 

  • You’ve held onto items you don’t want because you weren’t sure of the best place to donate or recycle them.

  • You desire to have an organized home that is functional, but feel overwhelmed by the mental load of being the only one in your family that seems bothered by it. 

  • You want to learn practical habits that help keep you and your family prevent clutter from piling up again. 

Bright And Clean Kitchen With White Cabinets, Close Up. Cutting Boards, Green Succulent Po

But Above all else...

TEAM Declutter Academy will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to tackle ANY space, allowing you to curate a home that represents you, and free up time to enjoy doing activities you love without being surrounded by things you don’t. 

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