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This vs That: Affordable Open Front Clear Bin for Organizing Your Closet, Bathroom or Pantry.

These two clear storage bins are nearly identical, but one is larger, has handles, and is less than half the cost.


One of my goals for this blog is to provide you with affordable options for organizing products that you commonly see on Instagram and Pinterest. Therefore, I am excited to launch the "This vs That" series, where we'll be doing a side-by-side comparisons of two similar products in each blog.

For this initial post in the series, we will be comparing a popular mDesign bin from Amazon to a more budget-friendly option from Walmart.

I'll also share some creative ways to use these versatile 12" deep open front clear bins. If you want to jump straight to the organizing ideas click here!

Open Front Clear Bin - mDesign vs Walmart

In the above picture the open bin on the left is by mDesign and sold in various places but mainly on Amazon and and the one on the right is by Mainstays sold exclusively at Walmart.

These two clear storage bins are nearly identical, but the Walmart version is larger, has handles and is LESS THAN HALF of the cost.

Now let's break down the stats of each.

mDesign open front clear bin

  • Overall Outer Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 6" H

  • Inside bottom 9.2" x 11.2"

  • Single item price $21.49

  • Can purchase in a set of two*, four*, or eight*to save money per item.

Walmart Mainstays open front clear bin

  • Overall Outer Dimensions: 13" W x 11.5" D x 7" H;

  • Has handles

  • Single item price $8.87

  • Sold in store and online but only individually

Side note: I am comparing the single unit prices on their respective websites. You can find the mDesign model for $15-19 per unit BUT you have to buy more than one to get the lower unit price (2-8 of them at a time on Amazon).

I have purchase, and used, both. The quality of the Walmart is just as good as the more expensive mDesign option.

Different Ways to Use An Open Front Clear Bin

When selecting any organizing product, it's important to keep in mind the depth of the cabinet. To maximize space, it's best to use the full depth of the cabinet. This product is ideal for shelves that are 12" deep, making it perfect for storage areas such as a laundry closet, linen closet, bedroom closet, or pantry.

laundry room open front clear bin

Laundry Room

If you have a higher shelf and want to be able to easily pull the whole container down while you do laundry, this is a great option.

The label used for this project is from The Container Store Bathroom Labels from The Home Edit.

Another set of labels, in this same font, that contain items commonly found in the laundry room can be found in the The Container Store Storage pack.

closet open front clear bin

Bedroom Closet

Another one of my favorite ways to use a 12" clear bin is across a wire closet shelf. Bedroom closet's frequently have wire shelving and they are typically 12" deep. Shown here is the 12" mDesign version.

By using a bin with a flat bottom, it eliminates the problem of items falling through the wire slats.

The labels for this project are made using our pTouch Cube Plus with white label tape. To learn more about that product head to this blog!

bathroom open front clear bin


The open front allows for great grab and go if you have a tight squeeze and can't easily take items over the higher edge.

In this case for back stock OR items in the bathroom where you just need to pull the first item in the front out.

Again the package used here for this project was the The Container Store Bathroom Labels from The Home Edit.

Please keep in mind this works best for cabinets that are 12" deep so you don't lose space behind the container.

Walmart affordable open front clear bin snacks


I love this product for grab and go snacks for lunch boxes. Final reminder - this item, which is 12" deep works BEST in pantries that are only 12" deep. If you have a larger pantry that is 16" you will lose space by not going with a 16" deep container.

As far as kitchen cabinets go, most upper cabinets are 10" deep. If this includes you, a 10" open front bin can be found here* from Walmart but by The Home Edit.

Yes, it is more than the larger 12" deep one. But it is made by The Home Edit and not by Mainstays.

Additional Option

Target does make a 12x12 open front bin as well. It is by Brightroom and has a higher side of 8" tall. I did leave it off the side by side comparison because they were in the middle price range. However, I have linked them here* and they cost $12.

Final Thoughts

If you only need to grab one item at a time and don't want to take down entire containers, a turntable might be the perfect solution for you. My favorite turntables are from Target and can be found here in sizes 10" and 15".

If you have a shallow cabinet (for example in your kitchen) maybe the 10" Open Front Bin* designed by The Home Edit at Walmart would be a better choice for you.

This is just one example of a product you can use in your home and the more affordable version of that product. Remember:

Think through how you use your space BEFORE you purchase any organizing product.


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