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Best Organizing Products to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Simple changes and better organizing products to help you organize the space under the kitchen sink once and for all.


The cabinet beneath your sink is one of the hardest working storage spaces in your home,and it can feel like one of the biggest headaches to organize. You have to navigate around the plumbing, meanwhile the cleaning products keep multiplying. Despite your attempts at organizing this pesky cabinet, something still feels off.

By making a few simple changes, and utilizing better organizational products, you can make this space more functional! Today I'm going to show you how.

It's go time!

Declutter First

I know you want to jump straight to the product section, and if you just MUST, click here. However, it will serve you well to do a little prep work before choosing your organizing supplies.

First: Pull everything out and give that cabinet a good wipe down.

Second: Sort what you pulled out into categories.

Third: Toss any trash or products you tried and didn't end up liking.

Fourth: Remove items that don't belong here. So important it gets its own section.

Re-home Items that don't belong here

simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

To get your juices flowing, here are the three most common items I find in client’s sink cabinets that could benefit from a new location.

  • Silver polish cleaner: How many times do you really use it, and can you store it alongside the other fancy cleaning agents?

  • Toilet bowl cleaner - Surprise toilet cleaning sessions in the kitchen sink? Store it in the bathroom.

  • Grocery bags - I love the product shown by simplehuman*. Place inside of your cabinet door, or install it in the garage to keep it completely out of the way.

Products To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink

STAK Bin * from The Container Store

Under the kitchen sink organization

This container is a game changer!

Shown here is my absolutely favorite size if space allows. The Long Wide Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels Clear * it is the largest of this product at 9 1/2" wide and 17 1/2" deep.

While they do sell 12 different options, only 8 of them have wheels at the back. The wheels are what make this my favorite option because you can grab the handle and roll it out from between the pipes.

The Long Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels Clear* comes in at 6 1/2" wide if you need a skinnier option.

PRO TIP: Be sure to select one of the sizes that offers the wheels at the back! The wheels make this my absolute favorite product for ANY deep cabinet.


Turntables are a fantastic option for easy acess to cleaning supplies. HOWEVER, keep in mind you need to be able to spin it! I typically opt for a small size to ensure I can put tall things on it and still be able to spin it 360 degrees without hitting a pipe or the garbage disposal.

  • The raised rim prevents items from falling off

  • Non-Skid liner on the inside so items stay in place while spinning

  • Handles if you need to easily pick up and pull the whole turntable out

  • This is a great option if you want to put small items or flimsy items in here such as the dish gloves or dish drain

  • The 12" turntable* is a perfect size to fit at least six spray bottles

  • Non slip feet. It is advertised for the

  • Two options. 11" WITH a non-stick mat* included or 11" WITHOUT a non-stick mat*

  • Shorter rim for spaces that won't allow items to lift up and over a tall rim

  • It technically is 10.8"

  • DO NOT go smaller than this, it will be too hard to get multiple spray bottles on it

  • Bonus: Women owned company

PRO TIP: People often make the mistake of buying a turntable that is too big and cannot spin when loaded, rendering it unusable. See below.

messy under the kitchen sink

Square bins from iDesign

  • These are fantastic if you need to fit IN FRONT of the garage disposal.

  • My favorite size is the 8 x 8 x 6* and is what I used in my home as shown here in front of the garbage disposal.

  • iDesign also has 6 x 6 x 6 * that would be great to fit in front of large pipes or disposal.

  • Use this item in a space that is blocked by pipes or other non-movable objects.

  • Always measure first

16" long bins from mDesign

  • Another option for utilizing the full depth of the cabinet yet still squeezing between the pipes is mDesign’s 16" deep storage bins.

  • Available on Amazon, these come in two sizes: 16 x 6 x 5* and 16 x 6 x 3.75*.

  • I prefer the 16 x 6 x 5*, as shown here, as it can accommodate most spray bottles. Additionally, the front handle provides easy access to all your cleaning tools.

  • Coming in at only 6" wide this is a great alternative if the 9 1/2"wide STAK bin is still wide.

Before and After Inspiration

Here are three client projects where I utilized STAK bins* and turntables to maximize organization. After implementing a few changes in the type of organizing product they had been using , we were able to increase functionality. In fact, we were even able to incorporate a STAK bin in a corner sink – peep the third picture!

before and after under the sink

before and after under the kitchen sink

before and after under the corner kitchen sink

Final Thoughts

under the corner kitchen sink
  • I prefer the STAK bins when space allows as they have are adjustable interior dividers that allow you to sort your categories. It allows for a LOT of flexibility.

  • Also, there is a lip on the front making it easy to grab and a handle in the very back if you need to take it all the way out.

  • BUT The key feature is the wheels!

  • Check out how the Long Deep size* works in this corner sink

These rolling beauties have saved the day in countless cabinets, no matter the depth. Here are just a few examples of where you can use these containers.




Lexington Kentucky Professional Organizer6.jpeg

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