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Budget Friendly Ways to Organize Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

Discover which option bests suits your needs so you can tame your gift wrap & gift bag chaos!


While this list isn't exhaustive, I have narrowed down the list of top contenders to help you quickly find a solution that complements your home's design and lifestyle.

Before you can get started you need to decide on a plan of storage. That's why I've divided the options into two categories: under-the-bed storage and hanging storage. I will sprinkle in my thoughts on each product throughout.

At the end of this post, I’ll share our personal choice for gift wrap and bag storage in our home, along with the reasons why we picked it. Want to skip straight to what our family decided to use? click HERE!


  • Dimensions: 40.5” L x 14” W x 6” H

  • Fits conveniently under the bed

  • Comes with two vinyl pockets (without closure)

  • Interior features two straps for added security

  • Includes two handles on the exterior for easy transport

  • Made of waterproof polyethylene for moisture protection

  • Affordable pricing to suit your budget

Color Options:

Gray*, Green*, and Red*

  • Dimensions: 41.25” L x 14.25” W x 5.5” H

  • Fits conveniently under the bed

  • Two deep pockets with Velcro closures to prevent items from spilling out

  • Interior features two straps for added security

  • Includes two handles on the exterior for easy transport

  • Made with premium 600D oxford polyester

  • Includes a foldable divider* for added convenience.

*Here are three ways you can use the foldable divider:

  1. Create a larger bow section on top for shorter rolls by placing the divider straight across.

  2. Fold the divider to create a smaller divided area for a few 40" rolls.

  3. If you tend to only purchase 40" rolls, remove the divider altogether.

Color Options:

Pro Tip: If you're worried about water damage ruining your gift wrap, opt for the waterproof Zober alternative. However, if you're looking for overall strong structure and added features, Holdn' Storage is my top pick for under-the-bed storage.


  • Size: 41” L x 11” W x 10” D

  • 360-degree swivel hanger

  • Can hold up to 40" long paper

  • Specially designed areas on the sides for holding accessories

  • Made of high-quality 600D oxford polyester

  • Strap included to secure the paper in place

  • Specific back area for holding scissors and other small tools

  • Mesh pockets on each side to hold ribbon, bows and gift bags

Color Options: Red*, Black*, and Green*

Here's my honest opinion on this option: I struggled to get it to hang straight, but it may be because I don't store a lot of wrapping paper. Despite that, the organizer felt sturdy and I appreciated how easily it spun. However, it did take up a lot of space in my closet. If you have ample closet space and a large amount of wrapping paper, this would be a great option for you. The side pockets provide additional storage for gift bags, and I found the scissor spot on the back to be very useful.

  • Dimensions: 40” L x 17” W

  • 360-degree rotation capability

  • Accommodates 40" long paper

  • Contains 10 storage compartments: 8 on the front and back, 2 on the sides

  • Can be hung on a closet rod or over the door

  • The back two pockets can be combined into a single, large pocket by unzipping the top pocket.

Color Options:

  • Dimensions: 41” L x 16” W x 4” D

  • 360-degree rotation capability

  • Accommodates 40" long paper

  • Contains 10 storage compartments: 8 on the front and back, 2 on the sides

  • Can be hung on a closet rod or over the door

  • Includes two pockets on the back, each measuring 12.5" for storing tissue paper and gift bags.

Color Options:

Black* or White*

Side Note: If you're deciding between the ProPik and ExliBag double sided hanging optoins, here's a quick heads up. Although they may seem like identical products at first glance, there are some differences to note. The front and back pockets, for example, have distinct variations. Personally, I would recommend the more affordable ExliBag. The four front zipper pockets are the perfect size, and the 12.5" deep back pockets are more convenient than those of the ProPik. The larger back pockets of the ProPik made it more challenging for me to retrieve smaller gift bags.

  • Dimensions: 38" L x 16" W

  • 360-degree rotation capability

  • Can be hung on a closet rod or over the door

  • 5 pockets located in the front

  • 3 pockets located in the back

Color Options:

Black*, Brown*, Gray*, Red*, and White*

If you are a gift bag enthusiasts, grab this one* – it's my absolute favorite.

Which TWO I Decided to Use and Why

It may seem odd, but I wanted separate storage solutions for my gift wrap* and gift bags*. Here's why:

In my household, we only wrap gifts for Christmas, so I needed a storage solution that would keep my gift wrap, bows, curling ribbon, scissors, and tape out of sight until the holiday season came around. I ultimately chose the Holdn' Storage under-the-bed* product for the following reasons:

  • Sturdier Material: The Holdn' Storage option boasted a more robust structure.

  • Velcro Closures: Unlike the Zober option, the Holdn' Storage product included velcro closures to prevent items from slipping out of the vinyl pockets.

  • Additional Storage: The Holdn' Storage option also provided extra storage space for other gifting accessories.

When it comes to gift bags, however, things are a bit different. I frequently use gift bags for teacher gifts, birthdays, and other special occasions, so I required a storage solution that could be accessed quickly and easily. I decided to store my gift bags ProPik Gift Bag Organizer* in my coat closet, which is located in the entryway off of the garage. The slim design of the gift bag organizer*meant that it didn't take up too much space in the closet, which was perfect for us since we often put gifts together at the last minute.


Lexington Kentucky Professional Organizer6.jpeg

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