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Organizing Ideas for Ziploc Bags

Three ways and four organizing products to finally organize your plastic storage bags so you can stop fighting with all the boxes!


You are probably no stranger to the headache of storing countless boxes of storage bags. It can be frustrating trying to fit them in a drawer, dealing with ripped boxes, or attempting to consolidate two boxes, especially if from different brands, into one. Today I have three different areas where you can store your bags (a drawer, on a wall, or in a cabinet), as well as four products that I've personally used to help clients maintain a well-organized storage bag system.

SpaceAid Bag Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer, Bamboo Organizer, Compatible with Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack Variety Size Bag

Option 1: Using a kitchen drawer

If you find yourself struggling to make room in a drawer, ask yourself the following:

  • Is it possible to reduce the number of "junk drawers" in my home?

  • Can I minimize the number of towels I own to free up some space?

  • Am I keeping items in this drawer that don't belong in the kitchen?

If you find you are able to make room within a drawer here are two of my favorite products to use. I have used both of these in my own home or with clients.

SpaceAid Bag Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer, Bamboo Organizer, Compatible with Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack Variety Size Bag
  • Comes in four different finishes. The Natural finish*is shown in this blog. Also comes in black*, gray*, and white*

  • No need for a label maker as it comes with 21 label stickers.

  • 4 individual boxes so you can customize the layout and to find one that fits your needs and your drawer.

  • Comes with 2 sizes: 12 x 5 x 3 inches (1 pcs) for Gallon, 8 x 4 x 3 inches (3 pcs) for Sandwich, Quart & Snack

Side Note: Space Aid also makes a 5 box set (which gives you an additional 12 x 5 x 3 box. Not shown in this blog, but you can view and purchase here.*

Jaza Goods | Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer and Dispenser for Kitchen Drawer | Wall Mountable | Compatible with Gallon, Quart, Sandwich & Snack Size Bags

  • 4 compartments: gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags.

  • No need to label as the product comes with labels already etched in the wood.

  • It is one unit and the top slides off so you can put your bags in.

  • HUGE PRO: This product can be mounted on a wall if you don't have drawer space. There are 2 holes on the back of the food storage bag organizer (however, screws are NOT provided).

Option 2: Wall Mounted

If you can not find room in a drawer, consider using a wall mounted organizer. You could put it inside a door to a pantry, on the wall in a pantry or possibly inside the door of a lower cabinet. Below is an option I've use with multiple clients for storage bags as well as plastic wraps.

mDesign Plastic Adhesive Mount Storage Organizer Container for Kitchen or Pantry Wall Organization - Space Saving Holder for Sandwich Bags
  • Mounts to the wall. It comes with mounting hardware AND double side sticky tape (for easier installation).

  • Holds up to 6lbs each

  • Comes in a two pack

  • Try inside a pantry door, pantry wall or laundry room.

  • Good for larger boxes of storage bags purchased from warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam's.

  • Also great for plastic wraps

Pro Tip: IF you decide to use the self adhesive tape instead of the wall mounting hardware, PLEASE add additional Command Strips* I have found the tape that is included is not strong enough.

The Container Store Long Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels Clear

Option 3: In a Lower Cabinet

When I used this product a couple years ago, it blew up on Instagram. Here is the original video so you can see how we used it at our client's house.

The Container Store Long Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels Clear

The Container Store

  • If you are someone who has a LOT of storage bags in a variety of styles, slide closures as well as regular.

  • The Long Wide Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels Clear * it is the largest of the 12 sizes that The Container Store offers. The deepest of the STAK bins goes back almost 18" making it a great way to use the entire depth of the cabinet.

  • Lip on the front and wheels in the back making it easy to grab the handle and roll it out.

  • Shown above in a lower cabinet beside lunch box supplies.

I want to give you size two options. The Long Wide Deep STAK Bin W/ Wheels * is the largest of the 12 sizes that The Container Store offers. But they also have a Long Deep STAK Bin W/Wheels * if you need a narrower container.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing an organizing product, it is best to start with decluttering. You might have more space in your kitchen than you realize. So if you are really wanting your bags in a drawer, start with decluttering your drawer and see what space you can reclaim. However, if a drawer is just not an option, I hope the above ideas got your creative juices flowing.



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