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Where to Donate your American Girl Dolls and Doll Clothing.

"Joy Doll Hospital believes girls can find hope in the idea that a doll, once broken and discarded, has been restored" - Joy Doll Website

When your children are done playing with their dolls consider donating them to the Joy Doll Hospital.

I have to brag on one of our clients who has been working through the sentimental items that belonged to her two girls (now young adults). After asking her two grown daughters if they wanted their American Girl dolls from when they were younger, and being told they were fine with donating them, our client found a FANTASTIC charity that we want to share with YOU!!!

I asked her permission to share HER photos of what she sent to Joy Doll. She also received an updated post from Joy Doll letting her know where and who the dolls went to!!

Do the dolls have to be in perfect condition?

The Joy Doll Hospital not only takes dolls in great condition BUT also dolls that would need a bit of repair before they are received by the child.

"The doll doctor is only able to repair the 18″ American Girl brand dolls. Other dolls would certainly bring a smile to a new recipient, but based on the construction and materials used, repair and restoration is limited to this type of doll." - Joy Doll Website

When you send your dolls to Joy Doll Hospital they are presented to girls awaiting adoption in children’s homes or who have been removed from their families.

What about doll clothing?

The Joy Doll Hospital also accepts gently used or new 18″ doll clothing and shoes. They accept American Girl Doll clothing as well as off brand clothing meant for 18″ dolls. Each Joy Doll is given to the child with multiple outfits so even if you don't have a doll to donate they will gladly accept doll clothing.

Have an 18″ American Girl that needs repair and you want to keep it?

The Joy Doll Hospital offers repair, restoration and beautification services to those who want to keep their dolls, but would still like to support our great cause.

Where do I ship my dolls and accessories?

For full shipping and donation details click HERE

PLEASE consider donating items your children no longer want INSTEAD of just putting them into a “keepsake tote” for eternity.


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