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5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Small Kitchen with Products Under $10

Organizing your kitchen does not have to be a daunting task. Even if you have limited time and resources, small changes can have a significant impact. Here are five affordable and practical tips to help you take make small but impactful changes in your kitchen.


1. Wrap Up Those Cords

Keep your cords from falling through the wire shelves, or just getting caught underneath another appliance. This simple yet effective hack will make your cabinet and pantry look neat and organized. Great for your crockpot, air fryer, pressure cooker, juicer, blender, food processor and more.

Crockpot Cord Organizer

Option #1: Aieve Cord Organizer * shown here on a crockpot

  • Made of silicone

  • Very flexible so attaches nicely to items that have a little curve to them

  • Super sticky glue (I have used this exact product on my crockpot for 8 months now and it has NOT come off, or burnt the house down).

  • In the link above you get 2 cord wraps (one white and one gray).

The product shown here is on my own crockpot. I use it a lot and I've had no trouble with the item following off or glue melting.

Command Hook Cord Bundler

Option #2: Command Cord Bundlers* shown here on a Kitchen Aid mixer

  • Hangs up to 20ft of cord

  • flexible so attaches nicely to items that have a little curve to them

  • The link above is a 2-pack

  • I have found this item to work better on things that DO NOT get hot.

  • This did not work well on my crockpot but has held up for 3 years on my Kitchen Aid

2. Save Drawer Space with Command Hooks

Here are three ways to use different Command Hooks inside your kitchen. When you are working with limited space hanging items inside a cabinet is a huge win.

Command Hook Outdoor Medium

Idea #1: Hang oven mitts inside a lower cabinet shown here using: Command Outdoor Medium Terrace Hook*

  • Holds up to 3 lbs each

  • The linked item has 2 wall hooks and 4 adhesive strips

  • This particular command hook is actually designed for outdoors making it a great choice if you are by the dishwasher or other heating element.

  • Water resistant - also making it a great choice for under the sink

Command Hook Wire Toggle Measuring Cups

Idea #2: Hang measuring spoons or measuring cups shown here using: Command Medium Wire Toggle Hooks*

  • Holds up to 2 lbs each

  • The linked item has 7 wall hooks and 8 adhesive strips

  • Due to the fact the wire toggle is thinner it allows for smaller items to go over the hook.

  • Also great for smaller utensils that normally sit on the counter such a a whisk or small spatula

Command Hook White

Idea #3: Hang one or more strainers shown here using: Command Medium Terrace Hook in white*

  • Holds up to 3 lbs each

  • The linked item has 2 wall hooks and 4 adhesive strips

  • I have noticed the white ones tend to run more than the black ones

  • The large version of these would also be great if you have a heavier item.

  • If you are putting these on the cabinet door under the sink I would recommend going with a water resistant version like the one above or the one linked here*.

Those are just a few ways you can use command hooks and there are numerous options and styles of command hooks available on Amazon, and at other local stores such as Walmart, Target and even most large grocery stores.

3. Small Clear Bins for Over the Door Wire Systems

Over the door organizers can definitely add storage space. However, where they typically fall short is the wire slats. The biggest complaint I hear about these, or any wire shelf for that matter, is that items fall through. Hopefully the options below add some additional function to this storage solution.

The Home Edit Small Clear Insert

Option #1 The Home Edit Small Clear Insert* from Walmart

  • Stackable modular bin design

  • 4.68" x 3.12" x 2.95"

  • Be sure to measure your over the door organizer FIRST before purchasing

  • Shown here are TWO small inserts each holding tea

Pro Tip: Save money by purchasing them inside of a kit. Two of my favorite kits are:

The Home Edit 10 Piece Bath* and The Home Edit 6 Piece Office*. Keep in mind you will get other sizes in addition to the small size shown here.

mDesign 16" Organizer Bin with Handles

I realize this one is slightly over $10 but if you need a longer bin than the ones shown above this is a great one!

  • 16" x 4" x 5"

  • Also comes in a 2-pack* or 4-pack* to save you $$ by purchasing in bulk.

  • Handles on each end make it easy to pick up the whole section and take to the kitchen counter.

  • To see what this looks like in action click here for a video!

4. Turn Tables for Easy Access

Target BrightRoom Turn Table

I probably talk about these turn tables in every blog post but they are so versatile and so affordable.

Shown here is the 10" turn table by BrightRoom from Target and it is still one of the most affordable turn tables I've found coming in at $8.

It fits inside of most upper kitchen cabinets - but always measure first.

It is also great for spices, oils, and supplements just to name a few.

5. Label Deep Cabinets

Label on kitchen cabinet

This last organizing tip is something you can do today with your label maker OR if you don't have a label maker you can use a regular post it note. Wait, you don't have a post it note - fear not - you can just use a piece of painters tape and a shapie!

If you have a deep corner cabinet where items get lost, write on the door what is in the back. To check out a video of this in action click here!

To learn more about the label maker we use check out this blog post!

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Oct 10, 2023

Please leave a link for your labeler that makes those large letters. Thanks

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